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Immigrants. They get the job done.

  It’s immigrants like Alejandra that make the gardens we love. We at Backyard Bounty are grateful to the International Rescue Committee for their work in helping immigrants and refugees in our region and around the world. We are especially grateful to IRC for introducing us to Alejandra and people like her that make up […]

Summer Loving for your Garden

As we edge into the dog days of summer, your garden might be experiencing extra stress from heat, pests, or just starting to look a little unkempt. We love a wild garden – and so do your birds, bees, and butterflies – but sometimes you might want a little refresh to tidy up your outdoor […]

The Backyard Bounty Bamboopalooza is coming this summer. Reserve your spot today!

One of the best parts about our job is the fact that we get to talk to so many passionate gardeners. We learn from them every day and we love to share with you what we’ve learned from others. When talking with Backyard Bounty’s clients, controlling pests in an environmentally-sensitive way is always high up […]

How your garden can help the River and Bay

We talk frequently about the importance of stewardship in our gardens. With the privilege of homeownership comes the duty to do our part to care for the environment. Thanks to the Potomac Conservancy for allowing our own Edamarie Mattei and her team to provide four simple steps you can take in your garden to protect […]

Bethesda Magazine: Welcoming Nature

  To help the environment, we need to think differently about our gardens. Looking at the environmental news, it’s easy to get distressed at the loss of habitat, decline in pollinators, invasive species, and watershed degradation. But there are many things we can do to make a real impact and most start in our own […]

Even kale is good on a smoker

What to do when a (very) poorly-timed home renovation means that you simultaneously have no kitchen and are late starting the spring veggie garden? Step 1. Pull up last year’s kale that over-wintered in your garden to make room for the new seeds. Step 2. Stem, wash and chop Step 3. Put on the smoker […]