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Compost tea please!

Did you know that in a single tablespoon of soil there are more soil organisms than there are humans on this planet? Or that there are 5,000 different types of bacteria in a single gram of soil? Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, or to fully comprehend the countless organisms bustling just under our feet. The […]

Backyard Bounty has a new horticulturist!

Dear Backyard Bounty community, Thank you for everything you are doing in your garden to preserve habitat, create beautiful outdoor living spaces, manage stormwater, and increase native plantings. Backyard Bounty is honored to be part of your efforts. To support this, we have hired a full-time horticulturist! We are very excited to announce that Byron Gwinn is […]

Time the rethink the American Lawn

Changing turf to habitat under a large tree – Before and After Turfgrass lawns are needy beasts. If someone offered you a plant that required pruning every week, aerating, overseeding and fertilizing every growing season, stayed a plain green but went brown in the heat, produced no intriguing flower, offered neither food nor shelter to […]

Pesticides are bad. Who knew???

Pesticides are bad. Who knew??? We’ve all heard about the harm pesticides are causing our honeybees. “Save the Pollinators!” campaigns are making great strides in raising awareness of the declining populations of bees and winged pollinators vital to our food systems and our wild habitats. However, in our focus on pesticide runoff in our water […]

Sustainable Landscaping 101

In recent posts, we’ve been talking about both the ecological dangers of habitat loss and how what you do in your garden can make a difference. Thanks to the Town of Chevy Chase for inviting our own Edamarie Mattei to give a presentation on Sustainable Landscaping 101. In this presentation, Edamarie describes steps you can take in your […]

Spring is here!

What is spring to you? The warming sun? The buzzing bees? The lengthening day? As expected as these delights may be, they never cease to amaze. Nature is a finely-tuned cycle of rebirth and renewal, and the thawing soils, the rising sap, and the migrating birds have given way with noticeable result to what typically […]