Jennifer, Capitol Hill

Dave and I cannot thank you guys enough for what you do and what you have done to transform our outside spaces. We are freshly awed each day as we watch this masterpiece unfold.

Mary, Silver Spring

The project you undertook was a total success. Large part of our garden was no man’s land. Nothing survived there.

Sara, Northwest DC

Everything is great! Looking forward to seeing it all bloom over the next few weeks. Your team was also very, very nice which is a pleasure in times like these. Thanks!

Mary, Silver Spring

We were just commenting last night how much we love the new garden and the daffodils you all planted. Looking at the garden definitely brings us some serenity in these crazy times. Thank you!

Susan, Silver Spring

Our BB garden is starting to grow and bloom. It’s exciting to see! The BB plants are bringing color and bees and more birds to our yard.

No one sees your work at Somerset more than I do.  And how I appreciate it! The border garden is so cheerful, and it’s settled in like it was installed years ago. AND, it’s holding up nicely in that tricky location.  - Mark Oxley, Outdoor Illumination

Aviva, Bethesda

Edamarie is very dedicated to serving her customers and she puts lots of thought and care into her work. She is a pleasure to work with and very thoughtful and knowledgeable.

Ed, Garrett Park

You have done a marvelous job. The care and meticulous concern you took was refreshing and relaxing. I especially thank you for the way the stone men fixed the corner path: it’s a beauty! And for you to wipe off the muddy glove marks on the picket fence was a delight to see. I can’t wait for spring to see the plantings start to have effect.

Georgia, McLean

This place looks fabulous! Thank you. Thank you. John and I have had a steady stream of visitors this weekend, all of whom have commented on the beauty. Thank you for your part in making it so.

Mary Margaret, Chevy Chase

Backyard Bounty installed a rain garden in our yard over the summer. It’s beautiful and it manages the ton of runoff from properties uphill from us. Edamarie’s crew is top notch. The garden is beautiful and functional, and Edamarie is just lovely to work with – full of energy, intelligent and works with you to find out what you want. She takes into account whether you have deer, rabbits etc. on your property when selecting plants. Edamarie knows the folks at RainScapes well, so she can make sure your garden is to spec and help you navigate the process to get a “reward rebate”.

Lisa, Silver Spring

Edamarie met with me to talk about what I wanted in my garden, and measured the space. She made a drawing of the garden, complete with plant book, different plant options, and pricing. My budget changed before she could begin the work, and she gladly scaled down the design while addressing immediate concerns of water drainage and inadequate gutters. She moved gutters and added plants, while still keeping the budget down. I have a large backyard, and she covered a huge area with plants, bushes, and mulch. It looks beautiful while leaving space to expand the garden in future years. She was professional, on time, and everything was completely cleaned up after the work was done. We were very happy with Backyard Bounty.

Caroline, Garrett Park

Where to begin! There is so much I should mention…your ability to transform my very vague ideas and random thoughts into the ‘real thing’ -way beyond what I could imagine: your eye for detail; your willingness to change course and modify until things worked; and all your generous and thoughtful ‘extras.’ I am so happy that I found you…nobody else could have made what was a depressing, neglected, jumbled ‘yard’ into my (and your) very special ‘Secret Garden’

Penny, Takoma Park

Backyard Bounty was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Edamarie has a fantastic eye for design, wide knowledge of plants, stone, soil, and drainage and she has an amazing team to work with. She is super dedicated to doing an outstanding job, will research anything in depth to be sure you are getting the best quality and value, and follow through with way more than expected. I am inspired daily with my large garden makeover. She listened carefully to my ideas and came back with a variety of options, all of which exceeded my expectations and the implementation was perfect – stunning visually, on time and on budget – so rare to work with someone who has it together on all fronts! I can’t say enough good things about Edamarie. She is a wonderful person, dedicated to what she is doing and a joy to work with.

Randy, Silver SpringSilver Spring

Your guys did a great job. I dread when the landscape crew visits nearby because the noxious noise of blowers goes on for hours. Your crew actually use real rakes and the rarely used blowers are very quiet. This really makes a difference to our peace of mind and enjoyment of the day. Thank you so much.