Monthly Archives: June 2013


Oldest son- ‘Mom, we’re out of fruit.’ Mom- ‘Not sure when I can get to the store.’ Serendipitous moment-Walking outside with dog and noticing that the berries you hadn’t checked on in a few days are ripe and...

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New cocktail mixer?

We’ve been planting Aronia arbutifolia (Chokeberry) for a while now. Chokeberry is a native shrub whose beautiful fall color is a great sub. for the invasive Burning Bush. But you get a lot more with Aronia: Flowers and edible berries. Read...

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Learning to see

The first time I heard of the Barnes Foundation it was still in Merion, PA. My mom had returned home from visiting the museum with friends, and I asked to go back with her, but wasn’t allowed because I was too young. At that time, I think...

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