What to Expect When You’re Installing

The design is complete. Now comes the fun part. It’s time to install your new garden.

Together, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting ready for this day by thinking through layout, traffic flows, plant selection, stormwater, budget, materials and a host of other details.

Installing a new garden is a little like having a baby. You’re excited for the new arrival but a bit anxious about what’s going to happen next.

Above all, there’s a lot of work to do.

Depending on the scope of your project, installation can take anywhere from one day to several weeks. Each of our teams has a role to play.

The constant for you in this process is the designer. They are your key contact during the installation and will be on-site daily, keep you up-to-date, discuss options, and make a host of decisions to make your garden the very best it can be.

No garden has ever been installed exactly as it was designed. There’s only so much you can include in a drawing or scope document. That’s why Backyard Bounty designers are deeply involved in your installation. It’s also why our teams prefer to install gardens designed by Backyard Bounty.

Our installation staff are highly trained professionals, so feel free to ask them any questions. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll contact the designer / project manager and get back to you as soon as possible.

We want you to love your new garden.

Some of the specifics to keep in mind when it’s time to install your new garden:


Scheduling Gardens are, by definition, subject to the whims of nature. While we will have a tentative schedule for your installation, there are many factors that can impact the actual dates including weather, plant availability, capacity, etc.  Once an installation has begun, weather may impact the schedule.  We try to declare “rain days” by 6AM depending on the forecast.  Even after a rain, the ground may be too wet to work without damaging the soil. In either event, we will let you know of any schedule changes.
Utility Marking Backyard Bounty will contact Miss Utility prior to your installation to mark power, sewer and cable lines. You may see flags in sections of your property that aren’t part of the installation but there’s no need to be concerned.
Bulk Materials Most installations require delivery of bulk materials such as soil, compost, mulch or stone. We will arrange in advance with you to determine the best location for storage. The drivers at our material suppliers are professionals used to operating in an urban environment and will make every effort to make the delivery as simple as possible. Please plan on making your driveway available to us for the duration of the project.
Staging Areas We typically bring the bulk of our tools and materials at the beginning of a project and keep them there until completion. We will find an area to store these safely and neatly so that they are not in your way or present a hazard.
Machinery We frequently use power equipment such a utility loaders, bobcats or sod-cutters. Every effort is made to ensure that our equipment doesn’t harm lawns, soil or paths in transport. Where necessary, we will lay down temporary platforms to protect the ground underneath.
Plant Deliveries Most of the plants for your project will come from our yard in Silver Spring but periodically we arrange for delivery direct from one of our nurseries. Not surprisingly, transportation can be traumatic for plants so don’t be surprised if the newly arrived/installed plants don’t look in their “full glory”. We use only the highest-quality nurseries and all plants are guaranteed according to the terms of your contract.
Crew Each crew is led by a single foreman who will be there every day during the installation. You can see their profiles about the “About” page of our website.

Crew access to water and restrooms is always appreciated.

Site Management We strive to keep our work sites neat and orderly, especially at the end of each work day. Please let us know if you are not comfortable with the state of a work site during installation.
Invoicing Once we’ve begun an installation, you will receive a “Start of Work” invoice according to the terms of your contract. Final invoices will be sent following your walk-through. Given the costs we incur leading up to and during the installation, we appreciate your prompt payment.
Walk-through Once the project is complete, your designer will contact you to schedule a walk-through. This is an excellent opportunity for you to carefully review the garden and also ask any questions about plant care going forward. We will also provide you with a new garden care guide (available here) that provides all the information you need to make your garden successful
Photos We always take before and after photos of our projects. We can make these available to you on request.