Time to plant strawberries?

Johnny’s Seeds sent us our bare root strawberry plants at the ‘appropriate planting time for our region.’

Hoping today’s rain will wash away the last of the snow so we can plant them.

Inoculating Peas

Peas take nitrogen from the atmosphere and ‘fix’ it in the soil. Adding beneficial bacteria to the soil through an inoculant helps the peas do this extra efficiently. Here’s a good system for inoculating peas (and beans for that matter) with a commercially available bacteria (total natural and approved for organic farming, btw)
1. Place peas in a glass of water
2. Remove the peas and place the peas in a second glass
3. Sprinkle pea inoculant in the glass and shake up the peas till they are coated
4. Plant peas

You don’t need to add additional nitrogen to the soil when you plant inoculated peas, and you can till in the peas when they are done and enrich the soil in your garden bed.

We get our inoculant from Johnny’s Selected Seeds in Maine:Inoculant for peas and beans

3 Years with NO DEER???

Check out the barrier MD Extension Specialist Jon Traunfield built that has been successful at keeping deer (and rabbits and groundhogs) out for 3 successive years.



Getting ready to plant peas: apprentice gardener Kris learns how to pull winter weeds, add compost and turn the soil. Love this excuse to pass off the heavy lifting and just show up for the planting….


Thinking about spring and favorite plants right now. Here’s one of the best: Amsonia hubrechtii, Blue Star Flower. Amsonia is a tough native, easy to care for, gorgeous in bloom with fabulous summer texture and stunning gold fall color. In this photo, it looks a little like the sunshine we need to melt all this snow.

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