More Native Plants please!

Thanks to Chris Woody for an excellent article in Sunday’s Washington Post that lays out the case for increasing the native plantings in our garden. Some of the highlights of the article include:
  • The key role native plants play in increasing biodiversity and habitat in our stressed environment
  • Thoughts from Doug Tallamy of Homegrown National Park on what we can do to help
  • An explanation of some of the challenges associated with the extensive use of turfgrass in suburban settings, from noise pollution to climate change to habitat destruction
  • Resources for suggested native plants (although we are partial to the Native Plant Center)
  • As a bonus, a link to a guide to native gardens around the MidAtlantic that you can visit
As you try to convince your friends, neighbors and community to join this fight, this article will be a great help in your discussions. The road to positive change starts in our own gardens.
Thanks for everything you do to help with this crucial effort!