An environmentally friendly approach to water issues in a town park

What the client wanted:

Since the ground surrounding the tennis court remained soggy after a storm, and the grassy hill along the driveway required more maintenance than what was received back in terms of benefits, the client sought a way to mitigate stormwater and introduce more seasonal interest in the landscape.

What we did:

BB converted the grassy hill to a conservation landscape to help slow and infiltrate runoff from the driveway. A deeply de-compacted rain garden also captures and helps to slow stormwater. [/one_third_last]

What we love:

Where there was only turf before, a new conservation landscape and rain garden work together to increase biodiversity, reduce lawn maintenance, and address the stormwater issues. The extensive driveway planting, as well as the new bollard lighting by Outdoor Illumination, Inc., complement each other while creating a sense of arrival to the Town Hall.

Garden Plan:

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