Side Yard Garden

Side Yard Garden
What the client wanted:

A new, beautiful space on a challenging site where plantings struggled to survive.

What we did:

This garden was developed in a shaded, narrow, deeply sloped strip between two houses where water eroded the soil and carried run-off down toward Rock Creek Park. BB installed a switchback path to make the slope more manageable and constructed a series of natural boulder retaining walls to create pockets for plantings that slow down and capture rain water. Planting the garden with a variety of natives created a healthy habitat for birds and butterflies—a big plus for the client, a director for a national environmental organization.

What we love:

Once a pass through for polluted water on its way to Rock Creek Park, this garden now re-charges the groundwater with that run-off, invites passersby to walk through and enjoy the space, and provides a vista of flowers, birds and butterflies for the client from her kitchen window.