Ramshorn Place

Ramshorn Place

Combining history, art and habitat

What the client wanted:

A garden haven designed to respect its history, inspire art, feed bees, and nurture the environment.

What we did:

For the entry garden, we sourced old bricks to create a welcoming entrance and walkway to the front door that fits the old house the client has preserved. Plants bordering this garden, and others, are deer resistant food sources for butterflies and bees.

What we love:

Entering this garden, you step away from the surrounding developments and into a property that still retains its connections to the past. Part of the driveway is sited on the remains of the old Georgetown Pike that used to be a trade route from Virginia to Washington DC. Evergreens screen adjacent properties so that the home feels like it sits in the country. The groundcover installed in removed sections of brick in the walk ‘new’ entry walk feels as if it has been there for centuries. In this deer dominated landscape, we’re particularly grateful that hyssop and a field of swamp milkweed grow prolifically feeding bees and monarchs.