Natural Swimming Pool

Natural Swimming Pool
What the client wanted:

Backyard Bounty has been frequently asked by clients to help them with the installation of swimming pools. Not surprisingly, swimming pools became especially popular during the pandemic. The challenge was how to create a beautiful swimming pool and surrounding landscape that was in keeping with our mission to foster habitat and reduce chemical usage.

What we did:

Rather than install a conventional pool with all the associated chemicals and maintenance, Backyard Bounty teamed with BioNova Natural Pools to install a Natural Swimming Pool (NSP). There’s significant information on the web but, in short, an NSP replaces the chlorine, salt water and other chemicals with a plant-based filtration system that is constantly circulating the pool water. Essentially, you’re swimming in a self-contained, stream-fed pond.

What we love:

We were able to deliver a fully-functioning, traditionally-shaped swimming pool that uses no chemicals. In addition, the surrounding landscape has been converted to 100% native plants that will create a stunning garden over time. Make no mistake, this was a significant undertaking with a lot of on-the-job learning but the result is stunning and will become only more so as the gardens fill in. And the frogs LOVE the filtration vault. Longer version time-lapse is here.