A Garrett Park Oasis

What the client wanted:

A cohesive design for the back garden that would both create a lovely space and solve significant drainage problems.

What we did:

Massive amounts of water from uphill properties put pressure on the gardens, eroding and compacting soil and making it hard for plants to grow. Deer lived in the back garden and, along with rabbits, damaged trees and ate plants. Loss of an old tree meant lost shade on the deck, and the existing island bed needed a design that would integrate it with the rest of the landscape. BB developed and executed a plan for the island garden that provided more shade on the deck and integrated the island with the rest of the landscape, rebuilt the existing walkway, replaced timber frame steps with boulder stairs, and built a curved retaining wall to define the path and minimize erosion and compaction.

What we love:

The unique curve on the wall that edges the path. That we were able to remove large quantities of an invasive groundcover and improve growing conditions so that plantings thrive and keep garden topsoil from washing away.