Reduced carbon footprint, improved quality of life…

For all of us tied to cars and big houses…observations from my husband who is in Denmark at the moment, about how the Danes live pleasantly with a significantly reduced carbon footprint:

‘Garden plots. Since so many people live in apartments and small house, they have garden plots that you rent from the city. I knew this, but what I didn’t realize is that there are so many of them and that they all have little cottages on them. Not sheds, but cottages that you can sleep and cook in.

Rode my bike around for a couple hours before dinner, mostly looking for the garden plots so I could take some pictures. The number of bikes here is amazing and perhaps even more than Amsterdam. It makes sense since I haven’t seen more than a dozen parking spots in the whole of Old City. It’s either that or the fact that there’s a 180% surtax on automobiles on top of the 25% VAT. That makes a $20,000 car in the US sell for about $60,000. Oh yeah, and gas is $9 a gallon. ‘