Spring is here!

What is spring to you? The warming sun? The buzzing bees? The lengthening day?

As expected as these delights may be, they never cease to amaze.

Nature is a finely-tuned cycle of rebirth and renewal, and the thawing soils, the rising sap, and the migrating birds have given way with noticeable result to what typically calls our attention to spring– the ephemerals sprouting, the trees leafing, and the birds chirping. Can you see and hear it?

The idea of rebirth and renewal wove itself throughout a wonderful talk recently given via NYBG by Midori Shintani and Dan Pearson of the Tokachi Millenium Garden in Hokkaido, Japan.  From the talk’s description, “Under the skillful custodianship of head gardener Midori Shintani, Tokachi has evolved to reflect principles at the heart of Japanese culture: observation of seasonal changes, practical tasks performed with care, and the interconnectedness of all living things”.

We hope you note something new (something old) this spring. Look for the trout lilies blooming along the trails in Rock Creek Park. Or one of our favorite spring ephemerals, the Virginia Bluebell. (Photo taken at none other than Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate in Charlottesville. Virginia.)

We at Backyard Bounty embrace the new season of rebirth and look forward to the time for planting. See you in the garden. What fresh and ancient wonder will you observe?

Mark Dennis
Senior Landscape Designer
Backyard Bounty