Second Guesses…

Generally, a pergola goes over a patio, and there is a confidence that comes when you design within general rules. This one is designed to link patio to lower level woodlands with a mulched seating area beneath.

I left the job site after the carpenter and I reviewed plans and began to sweat…I’m not adept at 3D rendering on a computer…Were all those large, expensive, pieces of cedar going to look good? Why did I choose that odd shape?

Luckily, the client was out of the country and I couldn’t call to ask if she wanted to revert to a traditional design…I took a deep breath, kept driving and stayed away for the rest of the day.

Returning to see the finished pergola, I remembered what I used to tell my students who were getting ready to take the AP English exam: if you are debating between two answers on multiple choice, stick with your original answer. I’m glad I did here.