What the client wanted:

To transform an overgrown yard into a woodland garden and re-design the driveway and front walk to maximize garden space.

What we did:

Our client, a master gardener, bought this property in the winter. When spring arrived, an abundance of desirable and undesirable plants greeted her. BB’s design called for pruning the large collection of azaleas and transplanting other valuable plants rather than leveling the site. We installed a rain garden to capture the water from the roof of a new addition, removed the old concrete walk and asphalt drive, and installed a semi-circular walk and drive made of earth tone gravel to resemble a woodland path. Boulder step paths invite visitors to walk throughout the garden rooms, where something is in bloom almost all year.

What we love:

The natural look of the locked gravel driveway and walk and the integrated way they work together. The fact that both are permeable demonstrates the way good stewardship of the land can also be beautiful.

Garden Plan:

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