Places for Plants


Eager to plant a tomato?  Buy a mother’s day shrub?

With so many of us using time in our garden to help us get through this crisis and reconnect with nature, your favorite place for plants might be running low on inventory. Combined with the recent loss of some long-time garden center’s like Behnke’s, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for.

Backyard Bounty put together this list of some of our favorites sources for plants and seeds.

Pollinator Planters from Audubon: Build habitat for butterflies at your front door with planters designed by Backyard Bounty and support our local Audubon Naturalist Society Sanctuary at Woodend at the same time.

Your local Farmer’s Market likely has herbs and annuals; some markets have order-ahead and contact-less pick up.

Retail nurseries

Seed companies

We have used all these in the past and know them to be quality sources. That said, in this environment we can’t guarantee availability for what you’re looking for.

Stay safe, take care of those around you, and go out in your garden.