Five ways nature can help you through

Five ways nature can help you through

With our typical routines upended by Covid-19, take care of yourself by connecting to nature and your garden in a way that your regular schedule doesn’t permit.

Five things that you can try now:

  1. Get to know our native plants by joining the Backyard Bounty Native Plant Challenge! My dog, James Bond, and I will post a plant each week that we find on our walks in the woods. Follow us on Instagram where we will post a picture of the “Plant of the Week” and challenge you to identify it. We’ll share interesting facts about the plant over the course of the week
  2. Keep clean in a different way – Try Forest Bathing a mindful practice of being in the woods. There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests Forest Bathing helps boost immunity, reduces stress and improves your mood
  3. Host a BYO picnic in your garden where you can be with friends outside and at a safe distance
  4. Start a kitchen herb pot or plant some vegetable seeds – there are many options online to start small and get everything you need
  5. Take a walk in a park with a friend – The National Arboretum is open at this writing and is a great place to spend time outside (and maybe find this week’s plant from the Backyard Bounty Native Plant Challenge). Our region has many beautiful options to walk in nature

We’d love to hear your ideas on how your garden is helping you cope!

We’re working to flatten the curve and keep our team and clients healthy. Our team is committed to following social distancing and safety guidelines at work and at home:

  • For the next several weeks, we’ll host all our design and plan review meetings virtually via web-conferencing
  • On-site project and consultation meetings will be held outside only and we will maintain the recommended 6-foot distance
  • We’ve stocked our trucks with soap and sanitizers to keep hands and equipment clean
  • Team members have an extended supply of gloves so they can change them frequently
  • Crews are not allowed to enter clients’ homes
  • We’ll be monitoring the health of our team members every day and supporting anyone who needs to stay home due to illness

Stay safe, take care of those close to you, and spend time in your garden.