Backyard Bounty to Pilot Montgomery County Green Landscaper Initiative

Backyard Bounty is excited to be piloting a new Green Landscaper initiative sponsored by Montgomery County.

If you are free on Monday, swing by to look at one of our gardens in Garrett Park where county executive Isiah Leggett will be holding a press conference to announce the launch of the new program.

Hope to see you there.
Details below:

Leggett to Launch Green Landscape Business Certification Program

Monday, April 29, 2013
12:30 p.m.

11116 Rokeby Avenue, Garrett Park

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett will launch the County’s newest effort to encourage businesses and residents to “go green” through actions on their property that enhance the County’s environmental goals.

The Green Landscape Business Certification Program expands eligibility for the Green Business Certification Program beyond businesses with office-based operations to the landscaping sector. The certified companies help property owners reduce or eliminate pesticides and fertilizers; plant native canopy trees; install rain gardens to capture and filter stormwater; create conservation landscapes; reduce areas needing mowing to cut emissions; and conserve water.

Joining Leggett will be Department of Environmental Protection Director Bob Hoyt, the homeowner, whose property was re-landscaped by one of the newly certified businesses, and representatives from the seven certified businesses.

Note to Editors: The event will be held at a private home that has installed a rain garden; conservation landscaping; an “Eco Lawn;” a permeable driveway; and native plants. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used.