90% of our water comes from where???

The Potomac.  Yes, that’s right- the Potomac provides 90% of the water we drink.

Please join us in the effort to keep our drinking water clean by reducing the pollution and chemicals that enter the river from our yards.  (New Pollutants in the Potomac and Beyond).

Here’s how:

  • Avoid using chemicals in your garden and on your lawn; these often wash into our the streams during storms, which then send the chemicals and fertilizers into the Potomac
  • Improve the way your yard handles storm water runoff; rain gardens and conservation landscaping help keep pollution from our driveways and roofs from running into our streams. Check out the resources on the newly redesigned Backyard Bounty website including a video on how to design and install a stormwater management facility in your garden.
  • Join us in supporting organizations that work to improve the cleanliness of the water in the Potomac- this year, a portion of BB’s sales will go directly to the Potomac Conservancy to help them advocate for clean water

Backyard Bounty is committed to helping our environment by helping customers and communities design, build and maintain sustainable, clean water landscapes.

We were honored to recently receive the Carol Carter Excellence Award from Montgomery County for our work on environmentally-friendly yards.

Now more than ever, it’s up to all of us to do what we can at home to take care of our natural resources.