All gardens installed by Backyard Bounty come with the following features:


Garden Plan: You won’t need to worry about when to plant or what to put where. We create vegetable garden plans that include a mix of flowers to attract pollinators and beneficial bugs, proper plant placement, labels and a plot to show you where your plants are, and a guide to help you care for them. Your bed will be divided into sections and plantings will be clearly labeled so you’ll know what is where.

Complete Installation: No need to order plants, lift heavy bags of soil, or build your bed. You will be able to harvest herbs from your garden the day we install it.

Irrigation: Don’t worry if you need to go away for the weekend. We provide an irrigation system for your garden so that you don’t need to worry about watering every day.

Pest protection: Got deer? Rabbits? We install an easy to remove barrier on your garden so that animals don’t get to your crop before you do.

High Quality Materials: Our raised beds are made from cedar with mortise and tenon joints for long life and are built entirely in the U.S. Beds are guaranteed for a year. Our lattice is also cedar, American made, and a substantial 3 inches thick to support your heaviest vegetables.

Sustainable Soils and Plants: We use small, independent seed companies and soils that are approved for organic production.

Support: At installation, we will give you a tour of your new garden and review basic gardening techniques. Over the growing season it will be easy for you to learn how to care for your garden with our plan, clearly labeled plants, and guide. In addition to these supports, we will send you a weekly update with clear information about what is happening in your garden now and how you can do things like pinch your basil for a bushier plant and snip your lettuce so it grows back for you. Of course you can always contact us with additional questions you may have.

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