Meadow Lane

Winner of the 2016 Montgomery County Carol Carter Award for Landscaping Excellence!

What the client wanted:
These experienced gardeners wanted reshape their already established garden, take advantage of unused space below the deck, and address drainage problems.

What we did:
Collaborating closely with our clients on plant selection, Backyard Bounty edited and expanded existing garden beds, tucking herbs and veggies into sunny pockets. We created boulder seating around a foot bath, connecting the existing pond to the garden, and redirected downspouts and runoff from the upper garden into two rain gardens. We converted the area below the deck into a potting shed with storage area for garden tools and kayaks.

What we love:
Repurposing the found space below the deck into a functional and comfortable work area. Despite multiple levels of garden and a tight lot, we were able to develop a plan that re-directed ½ the water that had previously been piped to the street to rain gardens, a splash box, and conservation landscape.

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