NOFA Certified Organic Garden and Lawn Care Services

Backyard Bounty is an accredited organic land care provider. We’ll help your garden thrive and keep your family, pets and the environment safe from dangerous chemicals and fertilizers. Call us for:

Individual Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Late winter horticultural pruning: For evergreens, shrubs and vines that bloom on new growth- BB will prune to repair dead and damaged branches, poor branching structure, and suckering growth. Shrubs will be shaped to maintain natural growth habit. Plants requiring specialized pruning, such as hedges, espaliers, and so forth, will be pruned according to client’s design goals and plant requirements
  • Spring bed prep and mulching: Weed and edge garden beds, apply pine or composted leaf mulch
  • Monthly Perennial Bed Maintenance: Monthly visits to care for garden. BB will hand weed garden beds, deadhead and prune perennials to encourage re-blooming, stake and train perennials
  • Late spring/summer horticultural pruning: For spring flowering shrubs and vines that bloom on old growth. BB will shape certain hydrangeas, azaleas, and plants with similar bloom patterns at this time of year
  • Fall clean up/winter leaf removal and mulching: Cut back perennials and flopping grasses, shred and/or remove excess leaves on garden beds, apply composted leaf mulch for plant nutrition and winter protection
  • Soil building and plant nutrition: 4 compost tea treatments for gardens


Landscape Maintenance Programs

  • Quarterly: Late winter horticultural pruning, spring mulching and bed prep, summer horticultural pruning and perennial care, fall clean up, 4 compost tea treatments
  • Complete Garden Care Program: Late winter horticultural pruning, spring clean up, 4 compost tea treatments, 6-8 bed maintenance visits, fall leaf removal and mulching, final season clean up


Organic Turf Care Programs

  • Systematic, Organic Lawn Care: BB offers a custom turf care program based on organic principles supported by organizations such as ‘Safe Lawn’ and Osborne Organics – Contact us when you are ready to get rid of dangerous chemicals and fertilizers from your lawn


Vegetable Garden Maintenance

  • Pre-season clean up, compost application and cool season crop planting
  • Spring clean up, warm season bed prep and crop planting
  • Fall season bed prep and planting
  • End of season care: Final crop clean up, organic fertilization, compost and soil building
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly bed maintenance


Specialized services

  • Pruning
  • Deer Damage Control
  • Container and Seasonal Plantings
  • Special Events


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