Garden Design

Design Process

  • Consultation VisitThis is where we use our vision to realize yours. We’ll talk about your garden goals and problems, learn about your tastes and preferences, and how our work can help improve your lifestyle. We’ll discuss your desired budget, and how much time you’d like to spend maintaining your ideal garden. Then we’ll use this information to develop a garden plan that gets you precisely where you want to be.

  • Site AnalysisSuccessful gardens start with a solid understanding of growing conditions. We’ll analyze your sun and water conditions, elevations, soil, and the immediately surrounding environment. These notes, along with measurements of property lines, paths, and significant plants form the base map we draw to begin design work.

  • Landscape Plan – Once site analysis is done, we’ll develop the design for your garden, and meet with you to go over it and get your input. Your final landscape design plan will be a drawing that includes the location, sizes, amounts and names of all new proposed plants, as well as new paths, patios and beds. It’s the blueprint for your ideal garden. 


Getting started

Taking a few minutes to collect the following before our initial consultation helps us create a garden that is just right for you

  • A copy of your home’s survey or plat (usually found among home purchase documents).
  • A description of how you use your garden now, and how you would like to use it in the 
  • A list of your favorite plants and colors, and/or descriptions of furniture, art, and designs that you like.
  • Pictures of gardens or places that you enjoy and/or find beautiful. These could be pictures from a magazine or book, Pinterest, photos from a vacation, or cut-outs from a catalogue.
  •  A list of “don’t likes.” This list can include plants you are allergic to as well as colors and styles that you find unappealing.


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