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Bethesda Magazine: Welcoming Nature

  To help the environment, we need to think differently about our gardens. Looking at the environmental news, it’s easy to get distressed at the loss of habitat, decline in pollinators, invasive species, and watershed degradation. But there are many things we can do to make a real impact and most start in our own […]

Even kale is good on a smoker

What to do when a (very) poorly-timed home renovation means that you simultaneously have no kitchen and are late starting the spring veggie garden? Step 1. Pull up last year’s kale that over-wintered in your garden to make room for the new seeds. Step 2. Stem, wash and chop Step 3. Put on the smoker […]

Weaving habitat and home is for the birds

  Building your own barn swallow shelf is good for the birds and bad for mosquitoes. Weaving habitat and home…for the birds! Photo credit: celebrateurbanbirds.org Think of the birds. They’ve suffered from loss of habitat and diminished food sources, yet they have much to offer us. Perhaps you’ve noticed their spring songs as you take […]

Places for Plants

  Eager to plant a tomato?  Buy a mother’s day shrub? With so many of us using time in our garden to help us get through this crisis and reconnect with nature, your favorite place for plants might be running low on inventory. Combined with the recent loss of some long-time garden center’s like Behnke’s, […]

Backyard Bounty’s safety procedures for Covid-19

  Taking a break from happy thoughts of gardens and flowers, Backyard Bounty is doing what we can so that our team and clients can remain safe. Our crews are following these guidelines: Social-distancing; we are lucky that we work outside and seldom come into direct contact with others. We follow CDC social-distancing guidelines. Crews […]

Pigeon and Squab

My Italian-American family loves to talk food. So after I ate at Chez Panisse for the first time in 1990, the first thing I did was call my father. I started to rave about the main course – the best poultry I’d ever eaten. “What was it” asked Dad. “Squab, you know, pigeon.” I replied, […]