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Backyard Bounty’s safety procedures for Covid-19

Taking a break from happy thoughts of gardens and flowers, Backyard Bounty is doing what we can so that our team and clients can remain safe. Our crews are following these guidelines: Social-distancing; we are lucky that we work outside and seldom come into direct contact with others. We follow CDC social-distancing guidelines. Crews are […]

Pigeon and Squab

My Italian-American family loves to talk food. So after I ate at Chez Panisse for the first time in 1990, the first thing I did was call my father. I started to rave about the main course – the best poultry I’d ever eaten. “What was it” asked Dad. “Squab, you know, pigeon.” I replied, […]

Victory Garden

In a recent post, we gave you some ideas on how your garden can help your soul during these troubled times.  Today we’re going to talk about how to put your garden to work growing food for your family. Most of us heard stories from our grandparents or parents about small home gardens that were kept […]

Five ways nature can help you through

With our typical routines upended by Covid-19, take care of yourself by connecting to nature and your garden in a way that your regular schedule doesn’t permit. Five things that you can try now: Get to know our native plants by joining the Backyard Bounty Native Plant Challenge! My dog, James Bond, and I will […]

Software is great, but listening is better

We were glad to be featured in this article about the design process in Total Landscape Care this month.  Happy Vectorworks customer!

Workshop in Petworth coming soon!

Indoor & Outdoor Entertaining: Making Your Spaces Function & Flow Tuesday, May 15 | 7-8:30pm Petworth Library (4200 Kansas Avenue NW) | Lower Level Meeting Room We’re really looking forward to presenting with Amber Harris of At Home DC next month in Petworth to discuss how to create satisfying outdoor living spaces.  Too often, we think […]