Soil to Soul

After graduating from Georgetown (many, many years ago…), I taught 9th grade English in the South Bronx.

The commute: a drive on the Cross Bronx Expressway to a neighborhood with no trees and a school with bars on the windows.

The salvation: Friday’s route home; stop one:  the New York Botanical Gardens for a walk in the woods, stop two: grocery shopping on Arthur Avenue, the Italian neighborhood off Fordham Road, for a bag of mussels, a loaf of bread and salad for dinner.

The walk in the woods recharged me. The combination of plants in the perennial gardens inspired my creativity, and the good food at the end of a long day enticed my husband and I to put aside work and spend time with each other.  Nature, beauty, and flavor: soil nurturing soul.

Environment matters.  Those visits to the NYBG made me passionate about the value of gardens and eventually inspired me to trade in my red pen for a trowel and train as a master gardener, landscape designer and organic land care specialist so I could start Backyard Bounty.  We installed our first garden in 2009, and in just a few years, grew into a team that designs, installs and maintains gardens throughout the DC metro area.

Our reputation for excellent work is rooted in our commitment to artistry and sound science, but most especially in our commitment to our clients, whom we welcome as part of our family. Enjoy exploring the gardens on our site.  We look forward to meeting you.  Our team and I are dedicated to building you an outdoor space that inspires and recharges you every day.


Mark Dennis, Landscape Designer

After working as a landscape contractor, Mark returned to UMD to earn a Master Gardener certification and M.L.A. He takes projects from conception to construction, enjoying both the design and build facets of his work.

Lucas Alfaro, Master Mason

Lucas has been in masonry for nearly twenty years and has become an expert at blending construction, engineering and artistry. Known to some as the “Stone Whisperer”, Lucas uses old-world techniques and carefully selects all the materials that go into his creations.


Omar Rivera, Foreman

Omar is a 20 year veteran of the landscaping industry and is an expert in sustainable landscapes, stormwater management, plant care, organic maintenance, and crew management. Omar leads our field teams to make sure that our customers are ecstatic about their gardens no matter the season.

Jose Rivera, Foreman

In addition to being an expert gardener, Jose is our vehicle and equipment savant.  Jose performs magician-level tricks with the Dingo and can put a truck and trailer into the smallest of urban spots.  .


Dennis Rivera

Another industry veteran, Dennis is an expert at the more technical aspects of our business, including pruning, construction, plant identification and care.  Dennis also manages our yard operations to make sure the crews are ready for our customers.

Kris Colby, Truck Driver, Operations, Lot Sweeper, Strategy & Marketing, Bookkeeping/HR, I/T Help Desk

Kris manages all aspects of the company that aren’t related to plants actually going in the ground and growing. Leveraging a ridiculously expensive MBA degree, Kris has applied proven Fortune 500 management strategies to Backyard Bounty with the one exception that at Backyard Bounty they actually make sense and work.


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